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Hospitals & Health Systems

Today’s hospitals and health systems require a coordinated, enterprise approach to streamlining, standardizing, and managing authorization workflows across an entire organization.


VALER provides real-time visibility into processes to reduce errors, duplicative work, as well as denials associated with manual authorization workflows. VALER is effective and efficient for:

VALER streamlines and automates today’s manual authorization submission and verification workflows that occur via fax, phone, and payer web portals. Empower patient access teams to minimize delays and to efficiently collaborate and coordinate with front-end offices around authorizations. VALER makes everyone’s jobs easier.

VALER provides revenue cycle teams with real-time, granular visibility into authorization statuses that occur on the front-end. No more searching and hunting for authorizations in the EHR or time wasted asking office staff for help. Enable faster, coordinated action with the front-end in managing retro-authorizations and modifications to reduce time to collection and costly write offs. VALER saves time and increases efficiency.

Well-documented, centralized visibility into case management and concurrent review conversations with payers is a key component to the acute inpatient revenue cycle. VALER creates a centralized communication platform to capture faxed medical necessity documentation, plus capture key phone exchanges with payers. Clear, visible documentation coupled with smart workflows within VALER helps reduce denied services and reduce lengths of stay.

Ambulatory Practices

Ambulatory practices are at the flashpoint of manual referral and prior authorization submission/verification workflows. Mired in fax, phone, and manual data entry into web portals, VALER frees front-end office staff to focus on getting patients the care they deserve in a timely manner.


VALER eliminates the fax machine as the main method of communicating key referral and authorization information with partner providers and facilities.

VALER streamlines and automates referral and authorization workflows for primary care providers, particularly federally qualified health centers (FQHCs). VALER provides real-time referral status visibility and facilitates communication with specialist partners to empower care coordination. VALER eliminates referral backlogs and closes the loop on referrals to effectively capture specialist consults and close care gaps.

VALER streamlines and automates today’s manual fax, phone, and web portal authorization workflows to reduce delays in scheduling services. VALER provides a single place to effectively manage authorizations across all payers and across all specialty specific services, including E&M, surgery, procedures, medications, and DMEs. VALER improves productivity, reduces errors, and effectively coordinates with partners around referral and authorizations.

Streamline, organize, and manage fax- and phone-based referrals and authorizations for services at your ASCs, imaging centers, and specialty pharmacies. Automate web portal-based authorization verification and clearly document and track communications with provider offices. Reduce cancellations and denials related to authorization errors. VALER is the one place to organize and streamline.


The future of value-based healthcare depends on payers and providers collaborating and coordinating on better ways to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Eliminating unnecessary administrative friction, capturing real-time data, and providing a platform to transform today’s manual referrals and authorization workflows provides a win-win-win for payers, providers and, most importantly, patients.

Where provider engagement is paramount, VALER eliminates frustrating manual prior authorization workflows at the heart of provider office dissatisfaction with payers. VALER reduces unnecessary administrative burdens posed by authorizations, gives real-time visibility into utilization requests, and helps improve provider engagement and education.

Despite the increasing use of web portals, today’s medical management workflows are still tied to intensely manual fax and phone calls. VALER eliminates costly manual authorization workflows, deploys targeted provider education around coverage determinations, and helps efficiently chat with provider offices.

Reduce out-of-network referral leakage and promote referrals to higher-value providers. VALER enables tight, automated integration with provider office referral and authorization workflows for granular, targeted steerage. VALER reduces the total cost of care through proper steerage.

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