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VALER is the one solution that tames today’s fragmented prior authorization, referral, and eligibility workflows that are chained to fax machines, phone calls, and manual data entry.

Through VALER, see immediate visibility into staff productivity, authorization processing times, payer responses, and payer turnaround times. Quickly identify bottlenecks to patient access and human errors that lead to costly denials. Learn more about how VALER uses actionable insights to standardize, streamline, and transform your front-end workflows.




Prior Authorizations

  •   VALER is the ONLY solution that coordinates and automates both authorization SUBMISSIONS and verifications.
  •   Standardizes both manual fax-based and web portal authorizations.
  •   Reduces manual authorization processing time by up to 80%.
  •   VALER covers ALL payers and services.
  •   Provides in-depth, real-time, on-demand reporting on key authorization activities across the enterprise.
  •   Eliminates bottlenecks and reduces denials caused by authorizations.

Referrals Management

  1. VALER automates today’s manual fax and web-based referral submissions between providers.
  2. Reduces referral processing backlogs to improve patient access to care.
  3. Closes the loop with specialists to facilitate care-coordination and chronic care management.

Eligibility & Coverage Determinations

  •   Verify accurate eligibility and coverage determinations with web portal automation.
  •   Eliminate guesswork with an enterprise-wide knowledge repository of coverage determinations and authorization requirements.
  •   Crowdsource accurate information regarding medical necessity requirements.
  •   Inject payer-specific, service-specific business rules into authorization submission workflows through VALER.

VALER DocFlow™

Keep granular track of all fax-based communications around authorizations and referrals.
Generate patient-specific longitudinal records of all inbound/outbound faxes to provide enterprise-wide visibility, collaboration, and communication between teams.

Leverage rapid search functionality to quickly locate documentation.

Push into patient charts within EHRs.

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