VALER® tames today’s fragmented prior authorization workflows

Do You Have An Un-manageable Manual Prior Authorization Problem?

Does your operations consist of endless manual submission and verification of authorizations by fax, phone calls, and payer web portals?

Is lower staff productivity, poor communication between teams, lack of clear visibility, and human error leading to frustrating patient access delays, denied payments as well as delayed patient treatment?

Do You Have Cost Concerns And Insufficient Throughput?

Are you facing constant pressure to reduce costs in the face of ever-increasing payer authorization requirements?

Are you desperately searching for solutions to improve staff productivity around authorization to increase patient access and reduce errors that lead to claim denials, write-offs, and patients abandoning treatment?

Do You have 360º Visibility and Real-Time Reporting on Authorizations?

Does your prior authorization process allow your staff to quickly identify bottlenecks and work together to address and optimize areas for improvement?

Do you have access to real-time data on staff productivity, payer behaviors, and payer turnaround times with your current workflow?

Ready to learn how VALER® is the one solution that tames today’s fragmented prior authorization, and referral workflows that are chained to fax machines, phone calls, and manual data entry?

Click here: VALER®.

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