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Customer Love

By Cathy Kim, COO, Voluware, Inc.   Customer love is a key metric for our company. All that (somewhat cheesy) stuff about loving your customers, who love you back, thereby creating a virtuous cycle: it's true. It's also one of things that powers Voluware. We...

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Run time changeable for dummies: “liveware”

by Marty Staszak, CEO, Voluware, Inc. Anyone else get frustrated when you have to stop work in progress because some application needs to upgrade itself?   Lost all hope that the key feature you want will miraculously show up in some future product release?   Wish you...

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Why are prior authorizations so manual?

So why are prior authorizations such a manual process?  Whether it’s the joy of filling out paper fax forms, the carpal-tunnel inducing manual entry of data into payer web portals, or being on endless hold on the phone, prior authorizations today remain the bane of...

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Why are prior authorizations so painful?

So why are prior authorizations so painful?  As a young pediatric surgeon trying to build a practice back in 2012, this was precisely the question I asked myself every month as I looked through my accounts receivables (AR) reports.  Prior authorizations were...

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FQHCs: Falling behind on specialty referrals?

We are currently working with FQHCs that had huge backlogs with specialty referrals due to the manual nature of obtaining prior auths and putting together referral packets. What we have done is to integrate their EHRs (NextGen, Intergy) with payer web portals and have...

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