Take control of front-end processes with one single platform: VALER®

VALER is a cloud-based, easy-to-use platform that gives you and your team the control you need to organize and streamline authorizations, referrals, and eligibility verifications.

We’re Voluware®
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Introducing VALER, the one-stop place to easily submit, verify, and manage authorization, referral, and eligibility
workflows. See if VALER is what your organization needs.


Hospitals & Health Systems

VALER is the only comprehensive solution in the marketplace today that streamlines, submits, and manages prior authorizations across all payers for professional, facility, and technical services. In doing so, VALER provides unparalleled, real-time enterprise visibility, deep data dives, and actionable insights to optimize and improve patient access and the revenue cycle.

Ambulatory Practices


It can be difficult to keep up with manual prior authorization and referral workflows. Ambulatory practices understand this hardship all too well.
Now there is a single place for:

  • Professional E&M visits
  • Surgeries/procedures
  • Radiology
  • DMEs
  • Specialist referrals

VALER is the cloud-based singular option to streamline, automate, and manage manual workflows to reduce errors, improve patient access, and support your revenue cycle.




Today’s shift to value depends on deepening engagement with providers to improve outcomes and reduce costs. VALER provides real-time, granular data on authorizations and referrals to identify care gaps, collaborate with provider partners, and to better steer referrals to higher-value care.

VALER empowers payers to engage providers and create true practice transformation by decreasing administrative workload and opening new dialogues. See how VALER can help you. 

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